Do any of you guys Pinterest?  I have joined recently and it has very quickly become an addiction.  Haha  There is so much inspiration over there.  Recipes, craft ideas, tips and tricks for around the house.  If you are on pinterest, have you found any new recipes that are going to become a regular around your house?  Have you crafted anything new?  Share some of your favorite finds over there with me.

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  1. Lindsey says:

    I love Pinterest!!
    It didn’t take me long to become addicted.
    I have lots of things pinned but haven’t made them all.
    I have tried several new recipes (oreo cupcakes, skinny enchiladas, cream cheese banana nut bread, crockpot jambalya, the Most Amazing Chocolate Cake, and Snowball Cookies) and have done posts on most of them.
    I have made a burlap wreath pinned from a DIY page and have tried a few ideas that I saw (placing a wooden spoon over a pot of water to prevent it from boiling over, using an old paper towel holder to organize my bracelets, and using a great monthly deep cleaning guide).
    My goal is to do even more of what I have pinned!
    Welcome to the wide wide world of Pinterest…..
    Good luck finding some fun things.

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